There are several accommodation options in Nuuk, depending on price and preference (e.g. hotel room, apartment or hostel).

To make reservations, contact the operators directly.

Note: Accommodation information for the optional Sisimiut Excursion are available on the excursion webpage.


Hotel Hans Egede

"Enjoy the magnificent Greenlandic scenery from your hotel room"

Nuuk - Hotel Hans Egede

Hotel Hans Egede is a 4-star conference hotel with rooms of a high standard, each with bathroom and toilet facilities.

To book a room at the special UArctic price, send an e-mail to and mention that you are arriving with UArctic.

This special price is only available for reservations made by July 1.

Room prices:    Budget: DKK 1180 /night, including breakfast.    Standard: DKK 1390 /night, including breakfast.


Seaman's Home

"The Seamen’s Home Hotel is located at the harbor in Nuuk, and offers an amazing view of the ocean, the mountains and the local harbor."

Nuuk - Seaman's Home Hotel
Within 1 km of the Hotel Hans Egede (location of the Council meeting on the 15th), the Seaman's Home has three room options to chose from, all at the normal price.

To book a room, go to the hotel website and select "Booking / Online Booking". 

Economy Room    DKK 720 /night, including breakfast.  Note: This room is without own toilet/bath.

Standard Room    DKK 1125 /night, including breakfast. 

Standard Plus Room    DKK 1225 /night, including breakfast. For two people DKK 1555 /night, including breakfast. 


Hotel Nordbo

"As long as you're staying with us, we take pride in making you feel at home in our well equipped apartments - or even better, if possible!"

Nuuk - Hotel Nordbo

Hotel Nordbo offers well equipped apartments which are spread out at 4 different locations in the city center (Centerbo, Nordbo apartments, Nordbo and Saqqarliit). The apartments vary in size and price, and all are located within 1-km of the Hotel Hans Egede (location of the Council meeting on the 15th). Follow the links below for further information.

The prices given are for the entire apartment, and if needed an extra bed is available for some rooms (at extra cost). NoteBreakfast is not included in the price.

Apartments can be booked using the "Online Booking" option on the hotel website. To book an apartment at the special UArctic price, write "Booking to UArctic" in the "Comment" line.  These special prices are only available for reservation made by June 20.


Apartment price: DKK 895 /night.

Nordbo Apartments
Price range for 1-room apartment: DKK 995 - 1145 /night.

Price range for 2-room apartment: DKK 1245 - 1795 /night. Note: Extra bed for DKK 300 /night.

Price for 1 room apartment: DKK 995 /night.

Price range for 2 or 2½ room apartment: DKK 1245-1545 /night. Note: Extra bed for DKK 300 /night.

Price for 3-room apartment: 1745 /night. Note: Extra bed for DKK 300 /night.

Price range for 2-room apartment: DKK 1200-1295 /night.