Transportation to Greenland - How to get there:

Commercial airline flights via airports in Denmark and Iceland are the only way for travelers to get to Greenland.

Important Notice: The nature of travel logistics in Greenland can be challenging, therefore we encourage participants to book their airline tickets as soon as possible. Some airline routes have limited service, and because of high demand during the tourist season, ticket prices can increase dramatically over a short period of time.

Sisimiut Excursion: If you are planning to participate in the optional Sisimiut Excursion (AUG 12-14), then please also see the travel information provided on the Pre-Council Sisimiut Excursion webpage.

Airline options:

Air Greenland operates daily flights from Copenhagen to the main international airport in Kangerlussuaq, where there are connecting flights to Nuuk.

Air Iceland operates flights twice a week from Reykjavik directly to the capital Nuuk.


Visa Notice: If you are planning to stay in Denmark for one of more nights, then you may need an entry visa for both Denmark and Greenland! Visit the Travel Visa webpage for further details and links.