UArctic Congress Declaration 2016

It has been traditional for each UArctic Rectors' Forum to produce a declaration, highlighting common issues of concern by the leadership of our higher education member institutions. As part of the first ever UArctic Congress in St Petersburg, a joint Declaration will be developed, reflecting the common views of all of UArctic's leadership - including Rectors' Forum, Board, Council, Thematic Networks, and Student Forum. The draft below has been developed by a drafting committee, consisting of representatives of these bodies, taking into account the major themes of the science section of the UArctic Congress. This draft will form the basis of discussion first in a joint meeting of the Rectors, Board, and Thematic Networks on Sept 12. The revised draft emerging from that meeting will then be shared with each respective body for review and approval, before its presentation and adopted at the closing of the Council meeting. Parallel to this process, the participants of the Student Forum will prepare their own response to the UArctic Congress Declaration, which they will present to the Rectors' Forum on Sept 13.

Please review this draft in preparation for its review at the UArctic Congress. Contact if you have any questions.