Program Requirements

Eligibility for taking courses in the Pan-Arctic PhD programme “Arctic Extractive Industries”

Eligible is any PhD student with a dissertation or other major research topic related to the study of Arctic Extractive Industries (EI). The fields related are wide, interdisciplinary, and may include, but are not limited to the following

  • EI impacts on the ground and impact assessments in ANY field from anthropology, business, economics and politics, to literature and religion
  • Extractive Industry (EI), geopolitics & IR
  • EI and industrial relations, corporate ethnography & governance
  • EI development principles, standards customary law, economic, social, environmental bottom lines, guidelines
  • EI development principles and interests in different states and regions, including those in comparable Sub-Arctic or Northern locations
  • Sustainable  and responsible investments, including alternative regional or community development options
  • EI practice from the circumpolar down to the local level.

Funding for participation in the courses may be funded either by your University, the University hosting the course  or the Uarctic Thematic Network grant. Eligibility and availability of such funds will vary for each course announced, and also depends on grant specific requirements such as citizenship, country of affiliation, and others.

Requirements for completing the entire Uarctic Pan Arctic PhD programme in Arctic Extractive Industries

  1. Completing 3 courses with the requirements mentioned below
  2. Participating in 3  conferences or workshops related to an Arctic extractive industries topic with your presentation, approved by your supervisor and one other member of the Uarctic Thematic Network.


Upon completion, each PhD student receives a diploma as an addendum to the PhD degree. The diploma is issued by the University of the Arctic and certifies the students expertise in Arctic extractive industries social science research.

Requirements per course for PhD students in the Uarctic Arctic Extractive Industries PhD programme, course 10 ECTS:

  1. Attend the full course (1 week of contact teaching, sometimes part of it being carried out in form of participation in a meaningful conference)
  2. Prepare for the lectures in the course as announced in the programme. Preparation workload and assignments can vary, but usually consist of reading literature announced by the respective professors / teachers.
  3. Prepare a presentation that will form your main input for the course. This will usually be a 15 minute summary of one chapter of your PhD, which you are going to submit in written form as an assignment to be evaluated by your own supervisor plus one supervisor in the Uarctic Thematic Network. If your PhD does not have chapters yet, your input can also be the presentation of your PhD plan, which will be discussed by the course participants. The main points raised for discussion of your work in the presentation should be circulated to course participants before the start of the course. In some cases you may want to circulate drafts of chapters or plans already, depending on the deadlines stipulated by local course organisers.
  4. Hand in your written assignment (chapter, plan) to the course organiser or Thematic Network lead for evaluation after the course. The exact date of handing in that assignment will be agreed upon during the course. The handed-in assignment should reflect the comments during the discussion that the course participants held on your presentation, if that is useful for improving your work.

Depending on the local organisers and the workload associated with the lectures, the courses will give you between 5-10 credits ECTS.